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"I recently re-financed a client from a second tier lender where they were secured at 9.95% due to a negative credit history, back to a main bank at 3.89%"

- Ben Goldsmith, Financial Navigator

"If you are wanting someone to look after you and help you get your first home look no further. Ben's knowledge is exceptional !! His service and attention to detail is why I recommend so many of my friends and family to him, I know he will do his best and look after them every step of the way. Thanks to Ben Goldsmith we managed to secure our very first home and our deal was not going to be easy he really worked hard for us"

- Fleur Blackie

"Just bought my first house, they said - single father, self-employed, couldn't do it. Thank you Ben Goldsmith, best mortgage broker alive and miracle maker!"

- Daniel D'Angelo

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